Dear authors,

Congratulations on having your abstracts accepted!

Before preparing your oral or poster presentation and before coming to the Congress, we recommend you take a few minutes to read the following guidelines.



Oral presentations are always accompanied by PowerPoint presentations. The speakers are entirely responsible for the presentation content (order, graphics etc…). Once onsite, every speaker should also verify in the printed Programme Book that the name of the room and the time of the session have not changed.

For your presentation

All presentations and questions must be delivered in English, as English is the official language of the Congress. Time reserved for your presentation (depending on the particular lecture type) includes already time dedicated for discussion (5 minutes approximately).

Format of your presentation

All presentations have to be uploaded to the congress computer system.

All screens in the Prague Congress Centre are in widescreen (16:9) format. We recommend to use the appropriate settings while preparing your presentations, so that your slides fill the screen. Please make sure your presentation is in a commonly compatible format. Please prepare your presentation preferably using PowerPoint version 2010 or 2013 (although versions 2007 / 2003).

Powerpoint template in Congress design is available for your sides.

Supported file types (others have to be consulted):

  • Presentation
  • Video

Do not forget, when saving your final presentation to CD or USB stick, to make sure you include your video files (if any) and all links to these multimedia files. Wi-Fi / Internet connection in the meeting rooms is not provided.

Depositing your file

Your presentation must be handed over to the personnel in the SPEAKERS’ READY ROOM, either with a CD or an USB stick, as far in advance as possible and TWO HOURS BEFORE (one entire session) the beginning of each of your dedicated sessions AT THE LATEST. The presentation for an early morning session should be handed over to the Speaker’s ready room the evening before.

In the Speakers’ Ready Room, you will be assisted by a technician who will help you download your presentation to the internal network. You will also be able to review your presentation and to verify that it has been transferred correctly to the network.

Speaker’s ready room will be located in the Meeting Room 2. 2. (2nd floor PCC) - consult the venue floorplan if needed.

Speakers’ Ready Room opening hours:

Sunday, July 5
Monday, July 6
Tuesday, July 7
Wednesday, July 8
Thursday, July 9
12:00 – 19:30
08:00 – 19:30
08:00 – 19:30
08:00 – 18:00
08:00 – 16:00

In the lecture room

Once uploaded to the internal network, your presentation will be sent directly to the lecture room assigned for your presentation. In the respective lecture room, when your turn comes and your presentation is launched on the screen, you will advance your own slides using the remote control.

Please, DO NOT come at the last minute with your own computer into the lecture room: you will NOT BE ABLE to connect it. All presentations must be downloaded in the Speaker’s ready room beforehand (if not agreed otherwise). Please note that presentations uploaded to the internal network won’t be used any further than during the Congress and won’t be provided to any third party.



Each presenter is expected to bring his printed poster to the Congress. The poster must be written and presented in English – official presentations will be held during the planned Poster Sessions (please see below), however the delegates can view the posters throughout the Congress and therefore posters are expected to be displayed during the entire event.

Three poster sessions have been scheduled to the Congress programme:

  • Poster Session 1 – Monday, July 6; 13:30 – 15:30
  • Poster Session 2 – Tuesday, July 7; 13:30 – 15:30
  • Poster Session 3 – Wednesday, July 8; 13:30 – 15:30

The poster sessions will be held in the Poster Area on the 2nd floor (Terrace I + Terrace II + North Hall).

Poster authors / presenters are expected to be present by their posters during their assigned Poster Session and to give presentation to all delegates interested in their work.

The maximum dimensions of your poster are 130 cm x 95 cm (portrait orientation).

Posters will be displayed on the poster boards – each poster board will be labelled with a specific number. Please make sure to mount your poster on the poster board with the number corresponding to the number assigned to your poster presentation (e. g. P 001, P 002 etc…).

In order to fit the poster board, your poster should not exceed the recommended size. Prepare your material beforehand so that it will fit neatly into the space available and can be easily attached to the board. Thin cardboard is more suitable than paper. The Congress organizers will provide suitable fixing materials, and on site assistance will be available to help you display your poster.

Mounting your poster

Poster Area will be open for poster mounting as of Sunday, July 5 from 16:00. All posters should be set up by Monday, July 6, 12:00, prior to the scheduled Poster Session 1 and remain in place at least during the assigned Poster Session.

Removing your poster

All material must be removed by the owner of the poster until Wednesday, July 8, 17:45 at the latest.
The Congress organizers cannot accept responsibility for any material left behind. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage to those posters that are not removed by authors within the times of dismantling as indicated above, posters left behind will be automatically destroyed.

Poster Area


Posters P 001 - P 146


Posters P 147 - P 226


Posters P 227 - P 370


Congress Secretariat: C-IN, 5. kvetna 65, 140 21 Prague 4, CZE | tel.: +420 261 174 301 | fax: +420 261 174 307
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